Dental Pay Per Click Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising You Can Trust

When it comes to affordable solutions, PPC is a fantastic solution, since it is highly scalable and suits all budget types. Done right, PPC can directly send highly targetted traffic directly to your website, giving your dental business the fresh customers it needs to thrive.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and refers to paid promotions that charge per click. In other words, displaying these advertisements costs nothing until users click on them, at which point they are sent directly to your website.

PPC comes in many forms and exists across many services. Adverts can be displayed on third party websites, directly on search engines or even within social media platforms.

Why Is PPC Important?

In marketing, PPC is important for bottom funnel services. When people know what they want, such as specific dental services, paid promotions can ensure your services are clearly displayed in front of them.

Done right, PPC can direct users to specific landing pages. Paid adverts are often given the best position on screens and use various additional features, such as snippet texts and headers, to improve their visibility.

Furthermore, campaigns can be adjusted in real-time, with your budget shifting to focus on the priorities of your business. This is great for seasonal promotions, improving local search results for people looking for a new dental practice or just highlighting services that need more attention.

Direct Targeting

Perhaps one of the best benefits for PPC is that it can be used to target new users. For dental businesses, which often rely on long term customers, failure to attract new audiences can cause big problems.

PPC can be used to target many different users, such as:

  • Age and gender. Do you offer children’s dental services? You can set PPC up that targets and prioritises mothers, for example.
  • Location. Want to ensure you only come up when local people are searching? This can also be achieved with PPC.

Furthermore, remarketing also exists to specifically target previous users. This can be set-up in numerous ways, including:

  • People who previously found your website, but didn’t convert into paying customers
  • Previous customers who haven’t used your services in some time.
  • People who subscribe or otherwise share contact details with you

What About PPC & SEO?

When it comes to PPC & SEO, many people assume that investing in one makes the other redundant. This, however, is a common falsehood.

In fact, combining the two can create even better results. This is through a simple exposure effect, as various studies show that having your URL and brand appear twice (once in organic results and once as a PPC advert) on the same search results greatly increases the chances of users clicking through to your website – especially when compared to just PPC or SEO on its own.